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Environmental communication strategies in promoting sustainable development

Further information: This project would assess the effectiveness of local authority environmental communication strategies in promoting sustainable consumption.  This will involve a number of surveys and focus group sessions addressing communication tools and engagement.

Review of climate hazards, risks & exposures and indicators of vulnerability for Fingal County Council

Further information: Review current understanding of climate hazards (coastal erosion, inland flooding, coastal flooding, water scarcity); risks & exposures (presence of people, fragile communities, health liabilities, livelihoods and resource loss); indicators of vulnerability (the degree to which infrastructures, bio-resources and… Continue Reading →

Active particulate material air quality monitoring systems

Further information: This study will involve using three denuders as active particulate material (PM) air quality monitoring systems – the air quality and PM values will be monitored in rural settings within Fingal County Council.  This survey will characterise the… Continue Reading →

Survey of riparian vegetation

Further information: Survey of riparian vegetation along the streams and ponds of Fingal County Council.  This project will involve identifying, categorizing and mapping aquatic/terrestrial vegetation as indicators of surface fresh water quality in Fingal County Council. Contact: Fingal County Council

Agriculture and nitrogen use

Further information: This project would examine the patterns of nitrogen use in arable agriculture catchments in Fingal County Council including application technologies, quantities, over-spill control protocols, and water quality Contact: Fingal County Council

Biodiversity in housing estates

Further information: Develop one or two example projects for tidy towns groups and/or resident associations on what they can do for biodiversity in housing estates. The aim is to develop a design and costed works program on how these example… Continue Reading →

Develop a promotional programme on what people can do for wildlife in their garden

Further information: The aim is to develop a leaflet with supported text on the Fingal Biodiversity website that shows what people can do in their garden for wildlife e.g. ponds, wildflowers, hedgerows etc. Contact: Fingal County Council  

Marine Molluscs survey Fingal coast

Further information: Marine Molluscs survey Fingal coast. To undertake a marine mollusc survey and compare these with the results of the Colgan study Contact: Fingal County Council

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