This page lists recent and ongoing research collaborations that resulted from the exchange of research ideas between researchers and practitioners. They are examples of the kinds of projects ECOBROKER can facilitate. 

Synergistic relationships of land uses in urban green spaces to support biodiversity and ecosystem services in Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere. Maryann Harris PhD project, UCD.

Supervisors: Tamara Hochstrasser, Claire Cave, Karen Foley
Practice partner: Dublin City Council
Description: The project investigates the potential of the UNESCO Biosphere governance approach and the environmental history of green spaces to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Dublin Area.
Funding: The research is funded by the STRIVE programme of the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under grant reference number 2012-B-PhD-10.
Timeline: Anticipated end of project January 2020.

Anti-plastic projects and initiatives in UNESCO Biospheres. Master’s project 2019. Laura Mainetti. University of Innsbruck, Austria

Description: This project will be based on a series of interviews to be conducted at different UNESCO Biosphere Reserves over the Summer of 2019. 

Evaluation of the role of golf courses in the support of ecosystem services in Dublin Bay Biosphere. Master’s project 2016. Alice Roth, UCD and Toulouse University. 

Supervisors: Tamara Hochstrasser (UCD) and Olivier Therond (Toulouse University).
Description: the project was investigating how landscape management on golf courses contributes to the delivery of ecosystem services on these courses. Interviews with golf course managers were conducted. 
Manuscript in preparation. Contact:

Green Infrastructure pilot projects in Dublin: Hydraulic efficacy, biodiversity benefits, experimental optimizations, and flood defence modelling. Elena Spinelli PhD project, UCD.

Supervisor: Olaf Schmidt, UCD.
Description: The project will be monitoring the water quality/quantity and soil biodiversity in Dublin City Council’s green infrastructure pilot projects. This will be used to suggest possible design improvements for example by introducing earthworms or plant growth promoting bacteria, or by changing the substrate media used. The potential of city-wide adoption of Green Infrastructure to benefit Dublin City’s flood defence scheme will also be evaluated. Funding:  Irish Research Council
Timeline: the project was initiated 01/03/2019. Contact:

Acclimatize: addressing the pollution-risk of bathing waters in Ireland and Wales by monitoring and reducing vulnerability of coastal communities.

Description: Acclimatize is a 6.7 m project that will bridge the knowledge gap in relation to the pollution of at risk urban and rural bathing waters in Ireland and Wales by identifying and quantifying pollution streams and determining the impact on these waters through a dynamic period of climate change.

Practice partners: 
Ireland – Dublin City Council, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council, Environmental Protection Agency, Irish Water, Dublin Bay Biosphere Project 
Wales – Natural Resources Wales, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, Welsh local government and the Welsh Government, Water Health Partnership for Wales 
Project Coordinator: Professor Wim Meijer (University College Dublin)
Project Contact: Joanne Chadwick, Operation Manager (

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