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Biodiversity in housing estates

Further information: Develop one or two example projects for tidy towns groups and/or resident associations on what they can do for biodiversity in housing estates. The aim is to develop a design and costed works program on how these example… Continue Reading →

Develop a promotional programme on what people can do for wildlife in their garden

Further information: The aim is to develop a leaflet with supported text on the Fingal Biodiversity website that shows what people can do in their garden for wildlife e.g. ponds, wildflowers, hedgerows etc. Contact: Fingal County Council  

Marine Molluscs survey Fingal coast

Further information: Marine Molluscs survey Fingal coast. To undertake a marine mollusc survey and compare these with the results of the Colgan study Contact: Fingal County Council

Impact study of boating on the seabird colonies on the island off the Fingal coast

Further information: Impact study (literature study and fieldwork) of boating (incl jet ski’s, sailing boats and power boats) on the seabird colonies on the island off the Fingal coast to determine if boating activities have any impacts on the seabird… Continue Reading →

Impact study of commercial fishing on inshore habitats

Further information: Impact study (literature study and/or fieldwork) of commercial fishing (including cockle and razorshell) on the ecology of the inshore area to determine what impact these fisheries operations have on the inshore habitat along the Fingal coastline. Contact: Fingal… Continue Reading →

Bat study Fingal Estuaries

Further information: Bat study Fingal Estuaries to establish which bat species can be found in and around the 3 estuaries in Fingal. Contact: Fingal County Council

Biodiversity study and management guidelines for graveyards

Further information: To establish the biodiversity value of graveyards in Fingal and make recommendations on best management practice of graveyards for wildlife. Contact: Fingal County Council

Undertake butterfly and bee survey Turvey Nature Reserve

Further information: Undertake butterfly and bee survey Turvey Nature Reserve. To carry out a field study to identify the species diversity of butterflies and bees in the Turvey Nature Reserve and make landscape management recommendations to enhance the populations of… Continue Reading →

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