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Educational approaches to water-smart solutions and governance

Further information: There is a need to address the links between behavioural systems and management technologies which facilitates and promotes water-smart solutions and governance.  This requires collaborative input from the social sciences and science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM).  This… Continue Reading →

Survey of riparian vegetation

Further information: Survey of riparian vegetation along the streams and ponds of Fingal County Council.  This project will involve identifying, categorizing and mapping aquatic/terrestrial vegetation as indicators of surface fresh water quality in Fingal County Council. Contact: Fingal County Council

Agriculture and nitrogen use

Further information: This project would examine the patterns of nitrogen use in arable agriculture catchments in Fingal County Council including application technologies, quantities, over-spill control protocols, and water quality Contact: Fingal County Council

Impact study of commercial fishing on inshore habitats

Further information: Impact study (literature study and/or fieldwork) of commercial fishing (including cockle and razorshell) on the ecology of the inshore area to determine what impact these fisheries operations have on the inshore habitat along the Fingal coastline. Contact: Fingal… Continue Reading →

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